Land Surveying

Surveying Solutions

T&T Geomatics has highly experienced and trained survey crews using cutting edge technology to produce high quality surveys for our customers. We carry out various types of surveys and integrate the data into your GIS databases, produce survey plans/diagrams for land registration. Our survey team consists of Registered Professional Land Surveyors to ensure land surveying accuracy and timely field data processing.

Types of surveying offered includes:

  • Property Boundary, Sectional Title, Topographic, Construction Staking, Static or RTK GPS, Aerial Surveys & Mapping, Mine Surveying
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

    We make use of CAD software (Microstation, AutoCAD, Informate) and house only well trained drafting professionals, so you can ensure that your drawing is completed to the highest standards.

    Our CAD services include:

  • Alignment Sheets, As-Built Drawings, Subdivision Plan, Site Plan