GIS Solutions

GIS Database Design

We create new databases and provide required expertise to existing systems including legacy data migration and upgrade. We deploy data models and geodatabase schema creation giving features behavior with domains, subtypes, topology, relationship classes and geometric networks. We carry out systems needs assessments, database design and Project management. We prototype, develop, test and provide maintenance strategies for our clients.

Land Information Systems (LIS)

We provide GIS based land information System within the local network and over the internet through web mapping technology and geodatabase implementation. This focuses on GIS applications to manage land and provide customized tools to managers as a decision support system. The user interface is customized to meet business needs of the clients. We provide services to bring analogues and digital cadastral maps into GIS databases using relational database management systems.

Remote Sensing

Using the latest classification technologies along with satellite imagery, we are able to extract and display data that is not detectable by the naked eye. We employ digital imagery processing techniques to perform analysis such as:

  • Change Detection, Wetlands Mapping, Agricultural & Vegetation Analysis, Land Cover and Land Use Mapping, Cadastral Applications
  • GIS/GPS Data Collection Systems & Mobile Mapping

    Provides means to properly collect geographic data for GIS systems using GPS. We work closely with our clients to deliver quality data, ensuring quality assurance and control while increasing knowledge and expertise.

    GIS Utility Mapping

    We model linear features using ArcGIS geometric networks, providing platforms for geometric network analysis.